Balinese Cooking Class

We offer a unique opportunity for you to immerse yourself in the true flavors of Bali. The cooking class includes an early morning trip to local fresh fruit and vegetable market. The market will introduce you to the abundance of tropical fruits, vegetables and spices available to the locals nearly all year round, as well as giving you an insight in to Balinese life & culture.

After all the food is prepared and cooked, the best part of the day is upon us; yes you get to eat the dishes you have created!

After the cooking class you will be given a CD containing 3 different sets of menus with recipes and photographs of the dishes, so you can reproduce them easily at home for your friends and family, a perfect way to take a little bit of our island paradise with you. We will provide you with an Aria Villas apron during the class, this is yours to keep, and after all if you are going to cook this food in your home you will need an apron!

These classes can be held on any day of your choosing. Any one of the cooking school menus can be preselected one day in advance depending on availability of the space. If the space has already been booked, don’t be discouraged, the bigger the group the more interesting the lesson.

If you would like to learn to cook a favorite dish that does not appear on our menus please ask to speak with Chef Ketut. If we have or can get the ingredients we would be delighted to teach you.

Inclusive: A bottle of wine (Red or White). The price for the market tour, cooking class, lunch, CD and apron

IDR. 1.775.000 net/Couple

Menu 1
  • Base Bali / Basic Balinese spicy
  • Ayam Pelalah / Shredded chicken with chili and lime
  • Gedang Mekuah / Green papaya soup with seafood
  • Be Sampi Base Bali / Braised beef in coconut milk
  • Nasi Putih / Steam rice
  • Acar / Indonesian Pickle
  • Godoh / Fried Banana
Menu 2
  • Base Bali / Basic Balinese Spicy
  • Kacang Kalasan / Long bean salad with yellow spice and coconut milk
  • Calon Be Siap / Combination minced chicken and potato with Balinese spicy
  • Pepes Ikan / Baked fish in banana leaf with Balinese paste
  • Nasi Putih / Steam rice
  • Acar / Indonesian pickle
  • Dadar Gulung / Coconut pancake
Menu 3
  • Sate Lilit Siap / Grill minced chicken in banana leaf
  • Kuah Be Pasih / Balinese seafood soup
  • Be Celeng Base Manis / Pork in sweet soy sauce
  • Nasi Putih / Steam rice
  • Acar / Indonesian pickle
  • Jaje Injin / Black rice puding


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